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WIST - Women in Science and Technology • the business perspective - NEW
Started its work in Spring 2005 - chaired by Pierre Bismuth

Background description
A commitment for action on attracting, developing and employing equally men and women in Science and Technology was communicated at the International Conference on Women in Industrial Research in Berlin, October 2003, attended by more than 350 representatives from European Industry. The European Commission agreed on supporting and extending one of the actions listed as central by the signatories of this commitment, i.e. to analyse the business case to strengthen gender diversity in science and technology by a panel of experts and participating companies.

Project profile

  • A core group of 7 experts from different European regions, the USA and Canada who will bring a wide range of expertise from different disciplines – including economics, sociology, cultural studies and business management – will report on available studies, analysing information coming from participating companies, providing scientific evidence, identifying good practices and contributing to the discussion of strategies and tools.
  • Europe-based technology companies will be invited to join the meetings of the WIST expert group, give input from their companies and enable the expert group to get access to relevant data.
  • Representatives of selected universities will be invited to discuss strategies to raise promotion of women students in science and the representation of women in their research departments.

The expert group will deliver a report on the results of its work which will be disseminated at the European Forum to be organised in January 2006 with some 300 participants from companies, universities, media etc.

Expected results/outcomes

  • The project will make an inventory and synthesize existing expertise on attracting, developing and employing women in Science and Technology.
  • It will develop an integrated approach, taking into account the economic, sociological and political dimensions.
  • The project will confront researchers with companies’ experiences and analysis of good practices.
  • It will confront companies with scientific analysis of recent developments at both micro and macro level.

The primary members are as follows: the chairman - Pierre Bismuth, the rapporteur Margo Brouns and the 5 other experts - Ruth Graham, Laure Turner, Martha Maznewski, Michel Domsch and Daniela del Boca.

Download: WIST - List of companies participating (PDF 55KB)

STRATA: Strategic Analysis of Policy Issues, ETAN: European Technology Assessment Network
Presented its report in January 2003

The high level STRATA-ETAN expert group has analysed the situation of women in research in the private sector and explored strategies for promoting gender equality in industrial research:

The group contained 17 members. Most of them were chief executive officers,  vice-presidents or directors of international companies with significant research departments as well as being political actors. The participants were selected and invited on the basis of their experience and knowledge, and their concern for gender equality. They represented

  • different branches of industry and different scientific disciplines (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, IT/communications, media, energy, services, biotechnology, materials, consumer goods);
  • business organisations in Europe, relevant for research in the private sector, including SMEs;
  • policy makers concerned with research in industry.

The group started its work on 22 January 2002 and presented its report on 23 January 2003.

WIR report & expert group


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