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Senior researcher,

"Gender inequality holds back the growth of individuals, the development of countries and the evolution of societies, to the disadvantage of both women and men." The State of the World Population 2000, UNFPA.


Maria Jepsen, born 1966, in Denmark, holds a PhD in Economics and DEA (Masters) in Econometrics from the Free University of Brussels.

Maria Jepsen worked as a project co-ordinator at the Red Cross Liaison Bureau in Brussels from 1994 till end 1995. In January 1996 she joined the Applied Economics Department at the Free University of Brussels (DULBEA) as a researcher where her main research areas were gender economics and social security. In January 2001 Maria Jepsen joined the ETUI as a senior researcher. She is also currently a temporary lecturer at the Free University of Brussels at the economics department and at the institute of labour science.

Main research interests : Gender related issues and comparative research on social security systems in the European Union.


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