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Scientific awareness - Science weeks

European Science Week

Few have reason to question the important ties between scientific research and European socio-economic development. But science needs – even deserves – more public recognition and visibility. The European Union's science awareness programme tackles this problem head on by showcasing examples of co-operation, innovation and, above all, excellence.

European Science Week – also called Science Week – is one of the many EU-hosted initiatives aimed at putting science and technology centre stage.

Mark your calendar for the European Science Week, 21.-25. November 2005, and have a look at this year's activities.

Showing off European scientific talent

Science Week Europe puts the emphasis on showing rather than telling young Europeans, in particular, how science and technology can have a very real and rewarding effect on their daily lives.

As a focal point for national science week initiatives, and with more activities in more cities around Europe than ever, the aim of this initiative is to show that there is more to science than lab coats and formulas: it can also be a lot of fun.

Through its sponsorship of Science Week activities and other science and society initiatives, the European Commission is determined to forge closer ties between the world of science and the lives of European citizens. So, why not consider hosting a Science Week activity?

Read the Science Week 2004 brochure (PDF, 750 Kb)

Join the fun!
To qualify for EU support in this area, project and event ideas should have a European angle – either involving consortia with partners from several European countries or an organisation holding pan-European events in several Member Sates and partner countries.

Science Week projects can be in any field of science, including the economic, social and human sciences. The following project categories are eligible for consideration:

  • Activities – exchanges of experience, resources and good practices – facilitating co-operation between various national scientific events during European Science and Technology Week
  • Projects presenting an interactive approach to science
  • Initiatives encouraging innovation
  • Activities relating to how science affects people

Have a look at the Activites 2005 and Past Science Weeks

National Science Weeks

Many EU Member States organise their own science weeks or 'festivals' on an annual or two-yearly or ad hoc basis. The common thread is to give people of all ages – and from all backgrounds – the chance to experience the world of science and technology first hand or on-line.

Activities range from locally organised festivals, such as the Vlaamse Wetenschapsweek (Flemish Science Week) in Belgium, through to nation-wide celebrations like the Danish Science Festival, Finnish Science Forum, France’s Festival of Science and much more.

See examples and contact information of National Science Weeks

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