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Technopolis, the Flemish Science Center (Belgium)

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Technopolis and the distribution of science center know how
Technopolis organizes for the 3rd time the ECSITE-Technopolis Science Center Academy. This is a 3 days seminar on how to set up and run a science center. Throughout Europe, an important number of new initiatives for science and technology centers are emerging. Developing, setting up and running a science center is a complex task. Science center experts from all over Europe are willing to share their experiences with the key people in the new projects.

The ECSITE-Technopolis Science Center Academy deals with a variety of topics linked to setting up a science center : mission statement, finance, concept development, exhibition design, exhibition manufacturing, marketing, communications, operations, ...
Each of the participating projects has the opportunity to give a short presentation of the project and get consultancy from the experts present for free.

Technopolis, the Flemish Science Center (Belgium)

Integrated science communication leading to a strong synergy between the science center and its outreach projects. All of the outreach projects are branded under the science center’s name Technopolis.

Why does it work?

Thanks to an extensive integration:

  • More efficient use of limited budgets dedicated to science communication
  • Better definition and reaching of target groups.
  • Better and long lasting relationship with the target group of teachers
  • No overlap in initiatives
  • Better marketing and branding of different projects = positioning as a strong brand
  • More impact
  • Learning curve in science communication and build up of know how in one place – center of expertise
  • Structural approach with long term strategy in stead of ad hoc approach with many small and scattered initiatives
  • Becoming a stronger player in the community and a point of reference for science communication

Examples of successful outreach projects realised by Technopolis:

For primary schools

  • Science puppet theatre travelling to schools
  • Science theatre travelling to schools
  • Activity boxes with experiments for schools
  • Travelling exhibits for school events

For secondary schools

  • Science in the picture. 25 000 students in one week, 17 -18 years of age, participating in hands-on activities and workshops at universities and scientific institutions.
  • Experion science truck travelling through Flanders. Target group 1st grade of secondary schools.

For the general public

  • Science Festival. 20 000 visitors in one weekend.
  • Weekly TV show recorded in Technopolis
  • Weekly article in 2 newspapers in Flanders

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