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Engaging activities with practising researchers (Techniquest)

© Techniquest, Cardiff

The Techniquest’s Teacher Scientist Network (Wales) aims to link active research scientists with teachers in local schools, to give an added dimension to National Curriculum and A-Level Science. Long-term partnerships are formed between scientists and teachers, with the scientist making regular visits into school to give lectures or run workshops. To supplement the partnerships TSN (Wales) provides in-service training (INSET) and Master classes around Wales.

© Techniquest, Cardiff

Uncovering Chemical Secrets

This is a project that have been developed with the School of Chemistry at Cardiff University to introduce students to the methods chemists use to isolate and identify chemical compounds.

The examples chosen are relevant to the schools’ curriculum and involve the isolation of natural substances that are important in determining taste and smell in selected fruit.
Whilst at Techniquest, students will isolate chemicals from samples such as fruit. They will then visit the Department of Chemistry to see how ‘state-of-the-art’ techniques and instrumentation are used to determine purity, and to gain an insight into chemical structures and properties. The students will see these techniques being applied to their own samples to illustrate how practical experiments are combined with analytical and theoretical methods in a typical chemical investigation.

© Techniquest, Cardiff
The photo is Sir John Sulston (Nobel Prize winner and former Head of the Human Genome Project in the UK) and Baroness Helena Kennedy (Head of the Human Genetics Commission), on a visit to Techniquest for a HGC event with the WGP, with a pupil from Caerleon Comprehensive School.

Wales Gene Park (WGP)
Techniquest is a partner in the WGP along with Cardiff University and the University of Wales College of Medicine. Techniquest is responsible for the Education team of the Wales Gene Park (with three staff). The aims of WGP Education are:

  • to generate an understanding of the ways in which genetics is perceived and understood by the general public.
  • to develop and deliver education and training initiatives on genetics and associated social and ethical issues for health and social care professionals, school teachers and others. We work extensively with scientists from the partner institutions.
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