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Ethics and Governance of ICT and Security Technologies Workshop (Brussels, 18 November 2010) - 03/12/2010

The workshop discussed early results of research and coordination projects funded under the European Commission Science in Society programme (FP7). These projects yield insights on how our understanding of privacy may change in the light of those technologies, and how privacy is weighed against other ethical values related to security and practical convenience. These research and coordination efforts usually don’t address only single, particular technologies since the privacy issue will be shaped by the simultaneous use of various technologies and address relevant EC directives and national legislation. The workshop also discusses ways of involving the users and stakeholders as co-designers of new technologies, particular with a view on health care issues.
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European Textbook and Syllabus on Ethics in Research - 02/12/2010

This textbook and syllabus are designed for use in the training of science students, researchers and research ethics committee members throughout Europe and beyond. The scope is the ethics of scientific research involving human beings. The publications contain case studies relating to a variety of scientific disciplines, including biomedical and human life sciences, new technologies and the social sciences. These have been chosen to illustrate and facilitate discussion of key ethical issues, and to give a flavour of the range of research settings in which these issues occur.

The syllabus (2.35MB) is an accompaniment to the textbook (3.93MB). It provides an overview of the content of the textbook and ideally will be used in conjunction with it, but it may also be used independently.
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Report of the European Commission - UNESCO Conference: Joint Action for Capacity-building in Bioethics (JACOB) - 01/12/2010

The European Commission - UNESCO Conference: 'Joint Action for Capacity-building in Bioethics' (JACOB) was organized by UNESCO with financial support from the European Commission, and held in Mexico City, Mexico, on 26-28 November 2009. It brought together experts and members of newly established, currently forming and long-standing National Bioethics Committees (NBCs) from various parts of the world. It was structured around three major themes:

  • Emerging Bioethics Issues
  • Building an international network
  • Engaging in ethical discourse

.

Don't miss the 2WAYS science festival in Brussels on 30 November and 1 December 2010 ! - 24/11/2010

2WAYS is a groundbreaking FP7 science communication project to increase dialogue and public knowledge regarding European life sciences research. This one of its kind science festival will see the first 'Young Europeans Science Parliament' taking place at the European Parliament as well as a fantastic exhibition of innovative and interactive life sciences presentations show-cased at the nearby 'Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences'.

Europeans support responsible innovation in life sciences and biotechnology (1.27MB) - 15/11/2010

This survey on life sciences and biotechnology indicates that the crisis of confidence in technology and regulation that characterised the 1990s is no longer the dominant perspective. While entrenched views about GM food are still evident, in 2010 there is a greater focus on the technologies themselves. The survey also reveals important knowledge gaps, pointing to a need for more communication: a majority of respondents had never heard of some of the areas covered by the survey, such as nanotechnology (55% unaware), biobanks (67% unaware) and synthetic biology (83% unaware). The Eurobarometer, carried out in February 2010, is the seventh in a series since 1991.
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genSET, FP7 SiS project, 18th October 2010 - 08/11/2010

The University of Tromsø (UiT) leads European science institutions in adopting genSET Recommendations for Mainstreaming Gender in Science as the guiding principles for development of new gender action plan.
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‘Beyond the leaky pipeline’ conference: a success of participation discussing gender and science issues - 28/10/2010

On the 19th-20th October 2010 took place in Brussels the conference ‘Beyond the leaky pipeline. Challenges for research on gender and science’, co-organised by CIREM Foundation, DULBEA and the Belgian Institute for the Equality of Women and Men.
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Stocktaking 10 years of “Women in Science” 1999-2009 - 13/10/2010

Ten years ago the European Commission started its activities on “women in science”. This Report records this ten-year history, analyses the activities undertaken, provides an assessment of their effectiveness and appropriateness, and - whenever possible - includes a reflection on what did not work, what was not done, and how these omissions could be addressed

- Stocktaking 10 Years: Book
- Stocktaking 10 Years: Annexes
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EUCYS 2010: European Union Contest For Young Scientists - 01/10/2010

EUCYS is an annual event where the winners of national science competitions are brought together to compete for the ultimate prize of European Young Scientist of the Year.
It is for students aged between 14 and 20 and takes place in a different European city every year.

EUCYS 2010 Press Centre
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2011 "Mobilisation and Mutual Learning" call for proposals - 25/08/2010

The Science in Society Work Programme invites to a wide collaboration between research organisations and civil society organisations on the following societal challenges :
- moving towards a low-carbon society
- reconciling food innovations and health concerns
- preserving our marine and maritime resources
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Research with CSOs for sustainable development: Reflecting on experience - 23/08/2010

On 29th September 2009 the FP7 funded project ‘Co-Operative Research on Environmental Problems in Europe’ (CREPE) organises a workshop to compare experiences of doing research relevant to sustainable development with or as Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).
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FP7 Calls for Proposals 2011 published - 11/08/2010

On 20 July 2010, the European Union published more than 50 calls for proposals under the 7th Framework Programme for Research & Development, worth a total of EUR 6.4 billion. Two of these calls address Science in Society issues with a total budget of over EUR 45 million.
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Assessing Europe's University Based Research (1.46MB) - 04/06/2010

This report presents findings of the Expert Group on Assessment of University-Based Research set up by the European Commission, DG Research in 2008 to identify the framework for a new and more coherent methodology to assess the research produced by European universities.
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