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Project examples: public engagement in science

  • CAPOIRA (Increasing Patient Involvement in Research Activities)
  • CARGO (Comparison of Approaches to Risk Governance)
  • CIPAST (Citizens Participation in Science and Technology
  • CRÊPE (Co-operative Research on Environmental Problems in Europe)
  • DECIDE (Deliberative Citizens' Debates in European Science Centres and Museums)
  • DELIBPROCESSSCP (Identifying Research Needs and Designing Elements of Deliberative Processes on Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Demand Areas Food, Housing and Mobility)
  • DOTIK (European Training for Young Scientists and Museum Explainers)
  • ECD (Meeting of Minds – European Citizens' Deliberation on Brain Science)
  • INRE (Involving NGOs in Renewable Energy Research)
  • FAAN (Facilitating Alternative Agro-Food Networks (AAFNs): Stakeholder Perspectives on Research Needs)
  • GAP1 (Bridging the Gap between Science and Stakeholders: Phase I – Common Ground)
  • MESSENGER (Media, Science and Society – Engagement and Governance in Europe)
  • MIDIR (Multidimensional and Integrated Risk Governance)
  • PATH (Participatory Approaches in Science and Technology)
  • PSx2 (Participatory Science and Scientific Participation)
  • RISKBRIDGE (Building Robust, Integrative Inter-disciplinary Governance Models for Emerging and Existing Risks)
  • RISK NETWORK (Risk Communication Network)
  • SACRIMM (European Conference on Scientific Advice, Crisis management and media)
  • SAFMAMS (Scientific Advice for Fisheries Management on Multiple Scales)
  • STACS (Science, Technology and Civil Society)
  • STARC (Stakeholders in Risk Communications)
  • TRUSTNET-IN-ACTION (The Making of Inclusive Risk Governance)

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