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Toolkit and Training
Aimed at researchers, project applicants, National Contact Points (NCPs) and FP7 project consortium members, the practical toolkit (with case studies drawn from nine research fields) demonstrates how the gender dimension is addressed in all aspects of research. The free, one-day training sessions combine knowledge-based activities with more experienced-based elements, and include practical exercises. The website also provides links to reading material on gender-related issues in the nine fields.

The Gender Challenge in Research Funding (5 MB)
The Gender and Excellence Expert Group (comprising 16 specialists) was established by the European Commission to provide recommendations on the ways to improve the transparency in the procedures used in research funding, with particular regard to the gender challenge in funding across Europe. The report details their analysis of the gender dynamics among applicants, recipients and gatekeepers involved in research funding, processes, instruments and criteria in 33 countries (27 EU Member States and 6 associated countries).

Guidelines for Gender Equality Programmes in Science (1.25 MB)
These guidelines are the result of the 21-month PRAGES (Practising Gender Equality in Science) project, which aimed to address the under-representation of women in high-profile positions in scientific and technological research. The 200+ page publication provides a range of information, including strategies and recommendations for change.

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