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The European Research Area Board (ERAB)

The European Research Area Board (ERAB) was established in March 2008 to provide independent advice to the European Commission on research for the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA). It is comprised of 22 eminent members from the fields of research, academia and business. The ERAB Secretariat is part of the Science, Economy and Society Directorate (to which the Science in Society Work Programme belongs).

The ERA concept was launched in 2000 as a means to unify research across Europe, so that researchers could move and interact easily, knowledge could be used more effectively, European research programmes could be developed, and links could be strengthened with partners worldwide. This advisory board will help develop initiatives and actions in line with these goals.

In 2009, ERAB released its first annual report, Preparing Europe for a New Renaissance – A Strategic View of the European Research Area. This landmark publication explores six priority policy areas for Europe to focus on in the next two decades in order to prepare for the many challenges ahead.

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