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Ethics Follow-up and Audit

The European Commission may decide to conduct an ethics follow-up and audit on selected ongoing projects. This decision may be taken on the basis of a request made by:

  • the Ethics Review Panel in the Ethics Review Report and/or Screening Report;
  • the contractors and/or the project's Ethics Review Committee;
  • the Commission itself, independently.

The objective of the audit procedure is to assist the participating scientists to deal with the ethical issues that are raised by their work, and to take corrective measures if necessary. In extreme cases, the audit process may result in a recommendation to the Commission to terminate a grant agreement.

An ethics audit is conducted by experts specialised in ethical issues no earlier than the date of the first reporting period for the proposal. An ethics audit may consist of:

  • a review by an independent review panel (with essentially the same format as the Ethics Review conducted prior to proposals being accepted);
  • an investigatory visit to the project made by independent experts appointed by the Commission, if this is considered necessary.

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