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The following overview will help guide you through the process of applying for funding under the Science in Society (SIS) Programme by providing concise starting points and links to official sites. Comprehensive information on funding opportunities through the European Commission's Research Framework Programme, including Calls for Proposals, is readily available through the dedicated Europa and CORDIS websites.

Calls for Proposals

Applying for funding under the SIS Programme takes place with a Call for Proposal. This call outlines the subject matter, objectives and all other criteria that an applicant must address in their proposal. Calls for Proposals are part of the annual SIS Work Programme , a document that details specific themes that will be supported in a given year. The Work Programme is always accompanied by a number of documents that help guide applicants through the process.

The following links provide more background information on the SIS theme under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) , and access to the official announcement page of Calls for Proposals.

SIS-funded projects: past and present

Access to information on projects that have received funding under the Science in Society Programme can be useful when writing a proposal. Publications featuring projects funded under the SIS theme since its inception under the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) are available through the e-Library .

The following links to pages on the CORDIS website provide access to regularly updated databases of projects with information on activity areas, partners, instruments, and so forth.

Ethics Review

All FP7 applicants must outline ethical issues that their research may potentially touch upon. Ethics Review is an important part of the process undertaken by the European Commission when evaluating research proposals submitted under FP7. The following link will help you learn more about Ethics Review.

Proposal evaluation: experts

Independent experts evaluate proposals submitted to the SIS Programme through a Call for Proposal. These experts also monitor and review projects that have received funding. The following link is the registration portal for those who would like to register as an expert.

Help through National Contact Points

Staff of the European Commission cannot help applicants write their proposal. Instead, the Commission recommends a network of National Contact Points (NCPs) that provide personal advice and one-to-one support in all Member States and Associated Countries. NCPs are appointed for each of the FP7 areas, including Science in Society, as well as for legal and financial matters. The following link will help you find a suitable NCP in your country.

Enquiry Service

Europe Direct is a telephone and email service that helps answer any general questions a member of the public may have about the European Union and any related subjects, including information on EU matters in any of the official EU languages.

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