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The Science in Society (SIS) Programme performs an important role in spearheading European policy in the area of science in society. Given the variety of issues that fall under its domain, science in society requires a considerable range and depth of knowledge in order to pursue suitable solutions to the problems at stake. It is for this reason that the SIS Programme harnesses the expertise of European research organisations (ROs), civil society organisations (CSOs), industry representatives and other stakeholders to design and implement its policy initiatives. The programme also carefully reviews and updates its policies based on the latest findings and recommendations of research and other funded activities.

The SIS Programme supports several policy initiatives, as follows.

  • Open Access: to provide researchers and other interested members of the public with improved online access to EU-funded research results.
  • Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies: to ensure that progress in the field occurs in a safe, ethical and responsible way.
  • Promoting International dialogue: to build international consensus on issues that have a global dimension.
  • Gender and Research: to address the gender imbalance inherent in many fields and professions of science.
  • Research for CSOs: to draw on the potential of European CSOs by facilitating greater collaboration with ROs.
  • Scientific Expertise: to improve the use of expertise in policymaking and governance.

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