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Video speech - Nordbib 2012 international conference "Structural frameworks for open, digital research - Strategy, policy & infrastructure" - 13 June 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark - 13/06/2012

 Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn addressed the participants of the Nordbib 2012 international conference "Structural frameworks for open, digital research - Strategy, policy & infrastructure", Copenhagen 13 June 2012. "We have excellent researchers in Europe, and I am determined to give them the very best conditions. Open access is one of these conditions", she said at a conference that is pivotal in getting the capture and re-use of research data to the forefront of European research policy thinking.
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Structural change in research institutions: Enhancing excellence, gender equality and efficiency in research and innovation (19.2MB) - 15/11/2011

 The feminisation of the student population is one of the most striking aspects of the last 30 years. But women are still struggling to progress in their scientific career. At leadership level, women account for only 18 % of full professors and 13 % of heads of institutions in the higher education sector. Based on recent scientific findings and research practices, this expert report provides the analysis needed to take action and points to good practices in research institutions which retain and promote women in research and innovation.

Structural Changes - Final report (19.2MB)

"How to advance structural changes in order to improve gender equality in research organisations in Europe" Workshop, 30 June - 1 July 2011, Brussels - 12/10/2011

 The event gathered researchers and practitioners, gender and science policy-makers from diverse backgrounds (research associations, research institutes, science policy organisations, ministries, parliaments, etc …).

During the meeting, participants explored the notion of structural change, shared existing national and international examples in order to reach a common understanding on how structural change could trigger more gender equality in research organisations throughout and beyond the European Research Area. In the frame of this workshop participants were invited to identify approaches for further collaborative initiatives and new pilot activities that could be carried out in their specific contexts.

Structural Changes - Workshop report
Structural Changes - Newsletter (3.2MB)

Responsible Research and Innovation Workshop, 16-17 May, Brussels, Belgium - 30/05/2011

 Ten years of research and coordination activities at Community level in the field of Science in Society have brought some noticeable progress on the understanding of where the main concerns are and how to cope with. One of the most important point is that sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand. In the present context of economic and financial crisis, which invites to focus on short-term profits, there is an even bigger need than 10 years ago to show that such activities bring a real added value to Europe. The workshop "Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe" held on 16th and 17th of May 2011 gathered about 70 stakeholders from various horizons (researchers, civil society organisations, industries, policy-makers,...) into a collective reflection and mutual learning on Responsible Research and Innovation and its importance for the Common Strategic Framework that will succeed the 7th Framework Programme and for the European research Area.
The present Newsletter that gathers the raw material will give you an insight on the strong points of the workshop. A more elaborated report will be available to you on our website before summer break.

Newsletter (7.99MB)
Questions (11.8MB)
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Scientix: Bringing the spark back into the classroom science - 14/10/2010

A new online platform is equipping science teachers with the right tools to reignite the passion for science among young people. The EU-funded Scientix initiative is a one-stop shop for the latest research, best practice and knowhow in maths, science and technology (MST) education. Its aim is to help teachers impart skills and knowledge that resonate with their students in meaningful and stimulating ways.
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Commissioner gives strong performance in maiden online debate - 01/07/2010

'This autumn I will present the European Commission's Innovation Union Strategy. I want your help in creating this strategy,' sa...
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