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List of actions

1.      Promoting scientific education and culture in Europe

1.1.  Public awareness

Action 1 Stimulate debate on the creation of a European scientific press agency and information exchange network

Action 2 Establish a better interaction between scientific community and the media

Action 3 Create special award for science communication

Action 4 Examine potential of internet and television for publicising science

Action 5 Help create multimedia products (TV programmes and publications) for broad dissemination

Action 6 Support the translation of communication products

Action 7 Network scientific events throughout Europe, e.g. Science Weeks and other events

Action 8 Raise public awareness of the European dimension of research through European Science Weeks

Action 9 Impact assessment and benchmarking of national approaches on public awareness

Action 10 Ensure systematic public dissemination of EC research activities

1.2.  Science education and careers

Action 11 Strengthen links between working life, research and society

Action 12 Promote the establishment of Jean Monnet chair on “Science, Society and European integration”

Action 13 Develop European-wide study courses on science and culture

Action 14 Support Science Teacher Education Development in Europe (STEDE) Network

Action 15 Develop and disseminate education research projects on science and technology

Action 16 Promote more attractive methods for science education in schools (eSchola, WEEST, Netd@ys )

Action 17 Support European mobility centres to better inform the public about scientific careers throughout Europe

Action 18 Launch comparative assessment of science studies and careers, and network national institutions

1.3.  Dialogue with citizens

Action 19 Promote European Science Convention

Action 20 Organise local and regional dialogues on “Science and Society”

Action 21 Network Science Shops throughout Europe


2.   A science policy closer to the citizens

2.1.  Involving civil society

Action 22 Exchange national information on the use of participatory procedures

Action 23 Inaugurate public discussions and hearings on specific themes

2.2.  Producing gender equality in science

Action 24 Set up a European Platform for Women Scientists

Action 25 Monitor progress towards gender equality in European Scientific Research

Action 26 Study position of women scientists in the private sector

Action 27 Promote gender equality in science in the wider Europe

2.3.  Research an foresight for society

Action 28 Ensure co-ordination of prospective activity at the European level


3.   Responsible science at the heart of policy making

3.1.  The ethical dimension in science and the new technologies

Action 29 Help set up information and documentation observatory for ethical issues

Action 30 Establish public dialogue in Europe on ethics and science

Action 31 Raise researchers’ awareness of ethical issues

Action 32 Foster local and national networks of ethical committees

Action 33 Develop international dialogue on ethical issues

Action 34 Improve protection of animals used in scientific research

3.2.  Risk governance

Action 35 Improve practices in risk governance through networking

3.3.  The use of expertise

Action 36 Establish guidelines on the use of expertise

Action 37 Create Internet based networks of scientists: Scientific Information for Policy Support in Europe

Action 38 Set up European Common Scientific Reference Systems

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