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Aims and Objectives of the Descartes Prizes

The Descartes Prizes are among the activities supported under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme, within the Research Directorate Science and Society.

Science Communication Prize

  • The 2002 Descartes prize for research: rewarding scientific excellence

  • EU-wide cooperation

    The ten finalists for the 2002 Prize have now been announced. They were selected from a range of 108 entries – the highest number in the Prize’s history. Philippe Busquin, European Commissioner for Research, said, “I welcome the growing interest in the Descartes Prize. In Europe we need more research with our best scientists from different countries working together. Through the EU Descartes Prize, we want to nurture and reward teams of scientists that become excellent through European collaboration.?

    The ten finalists for 2002 span a wide range of fields of scientific endeavour, including information sciences, medicine, engineering, chemistry and quantum physics. The Descartes Prize is also open to social sciences, this year represented by a study on gender differences in political and business elites of industrialised countries.

    One benefit of the Prize is that it provides encouragement for the exchange of knowledge, bringing together and complementing research capacities from a number of countries in Europe (the EU Member States, the Associate States and in particular the candidate countries of Central and Eastern Europe - CEECs) and even outside Europe. For example, one finalist project – which uses the micromachining capabilities of semiconductor materials to develop new communication technologies – involves researchers from Romania, Greece, Italy, Sweden, Hungary and Ukraine. While another, concerning the genetic basis of Crohn’s disease, resulted from collaboration between the UK, Norway, South Korea and Denmark.

    The Descartes Prize Finalists 2002

    The Descartes Prize Laureates 2002


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