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  Descartes prizes

Aims and Objectives of the Descartes Prizes

The Descartes Prizes are among the activities supported under the European Commission's Seventh Framework Programme, within the Research Directorate Science and Society.

Science Communication Prize

  • The EU Descartes Prize Winners 2000

  • Ian Smith
    (Project Co-ordinator Birmingham University UK)

    Chemistry close to the absolute zero

    Dr B. Rowe, Dr A. Canossa, PALMS,UMR 6627 du CNRS, Université de Rennes 1 (FR), Dr I. Simms, Dr D. Chastaing, School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham (UK).

    Prof. Alan Lehmann
    (Project Co-ordinator University of Sussex UK)

    The XPD gene: one gene, two functions, three diseases

    The Team: Dr M. Stefanini, CNR, Pavia (IT), Prof. J. H. Hoeijmakers, Erasmus University, Rotterdam (NL) and Prof. J.-M. Egly, CNRS, Strasbourg (FR).

    Dago de Leeuw
    (Project Co-ordinator Philips, Eindhoven NL)

    Plastic transistors operating at 50 KHZ for low-end high-volume electronic circuits

    The Team: Dr B. Huisman & Dr P. Herwig, Philips Research Labs, Dr R. Janssen, DrB; Langveld-Voss and Ms A. Spiering Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), Prof. D. Bäuerle, Dr E. Mena-Osteritz, Dr G. Götz, Universität Ulm (DE), Dr P. Brown and Dr H. Sirringhaus, Cambridge University (UK), Dr M. M. Nielsen and Prof Dr K. Bechgaard, Riso National Laboratory, Roskilde (DK) .


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