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Upcoming events

4th European Conference for Science Journalists

27 June 2017, Copenhagen

27th June, Copenhagen: Rolf Heuer and Henrik Wegener at the 4th European Conference for Science Journalists – plenary session "Make scientific facts great again".

The current and former Chair of the European Commission's Scientific Advice Mechanism High Level Group of Scientific Advisors (SAM HLG) will be joined after this session by HLG members Janusz Bujnicki, Pearl Dykstra, Elvira Fortunato, Rolf Heuer, Carina Keskitalo and Cédric Villani for a press briefing.

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European Science Advisors Forum (E S A F) - 3rd meeting

29 June 2017, Amsterdam

The 3rd meeting of ESAF is taking place on 29th June 2017, in Amsterdam. It will be hosted by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) and the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR).

ESAF is an independent, informal forum of European science-based strategic policy advisers. Among its primary aims are to contribute to strengthening the evidence base for policy-making and to share best practices in providing scientific advice for policy. ESAF may use synergies between scientific advice structures at national and European level, including SAM.  ESAF is independent of SAM and driven by its members.

The members of ESAF are EU Member State representatives, who have been nominated following a request of Commissioner Moedas to the Member States' Ministers responsible for Research and Innovation in 2016. The following Member States are currently members of the ESAF: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The European Commission also takes part.

The Director General of Research and Innovation Robert-Jan Smits will attend the 3rd ESAF meeting. Rolf Heuer, chair of the High Level Group and other members of the SAM HLG will also take part.

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Events earlier this year

The Future of Science through Citizens Engagement

28 March 2017

The citizens’ perspective on addressing the societal challenges for the 9th EU framework programme for research and innovation



Chair:    Paul Rübig, MEP, Chair of STOA
Moderator:        Lars Klüver, Director of Teknologiraadet – The Danish Board of Technology (DBT) - the Danish parliamentary office of technology assessment
  • 17.00-17.15 Welcome Key Note
Paul Rübig – MEP and Chair of STOA
  • 17.15-17.30 Introduction to Citizens and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020 (CIMULACT)
Sergio Bellucci – Managing Director TA-SWISS
  • 17.30-18.15 Panel Debate 1: European Science – What is the role and responsibility of Citizens?
Gudela Grote - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
Daniel Wyler - University of Zurich
Mathea Fammels - European Institute of Innovation and Technology
Pearl Dykstra - Erasmus University Rotterdam and High Level Group of scientific advisors to the Cabinet of European Commissioners
Moderated by Lars Klüver
  • 18.15-18.50 Panel Debate 2: Towards FP9 – How can we address citizens’ concerns for the future through science?
Eva Kaili - MEP & STOA First Vice-Chair
Kurt Vandenberghe - European Commission 
Tracey Brown - Sense about Science
                Moderated by Lars Klüver
  • 18.50-19.00 Closing Speech: Conclusions and ideas for the future.
Eva Kaili - MEP & STOA First Vice-Chair

SAM High Level Group of Advisors at the AAAS Annual Meeting 2017

16-20 February 2017, Boston, MA


With the aim of fostering the Trans-Atlantic dialogue, the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) is organizing two sessions at the American Association for the Advancement of Science's AAAS Annual Meeting 2017 in Boston:

Saturday, 18 February 2017, 08:00-09:30 am
Scientific Advice Mechanisms for Policy

The session will present the Scientific Advice Mechanism and share the experiences after the first year. In particular, it will flag the role of science academies in providing scientific advice and put the SAM into the international context.

Chair: Wolfgang Burtscher (Deputy Director-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission)
Speakers: Henrik C. Wegener (Outgoing Chair of the SAM High Level Group), Pearl Dykstra (Incoming Deputy Chair of the SAM High Level Group), Sir Peter Gluckman (Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Chair of the International Network of Government Science Advice INGSA)
Discussant: Eva Kaili (Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Science & Technology Options Assessment panel STOA)



Saturday, 18 February 2017, 10:00-11:30 am
The role of values in delivering science advice for policy

The session will discuss the role of values when delivering science advice in a polarized political atmosphere. The speakers will outline the theoretical framework, but also share practical experiences. Particular emphasis will be given to the role social sciences such as behavioural sciences can play in strengthening scientific advice.

Chair: Hille Haker (Loyola University Chicago)
Speakers: Heather Douglas (University of Waterloo), Mark Ferguson (Chief Scientific Advisor to the Government of Ireland), Pearl Dykstra (Erasmus University Rotterdam and Member of the SAM High Level Group)


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