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About the Scientific Advice Mechanism

The overall objective of the Scientific Advice Mechanism (SAM) is to provide scientific advice to the Commission that:

  • is independent of institutional or political interests
  • brings together evidence and insights from different disciplines and approaches
  • takes into consideration the specificities of EU policy making (e.g. different national perspectives and principles of subsidiarity)
  • is transparent

The SAM secretariat is hosted in the European Commission's Directorate General for Research and Innovation. Its mission is to support the overall work of the SAM High Level Group and to facilitate their interaction with the EU policy making process.

The SAM secretariat will facilitate the High Level Group's access to key sources of scientific evidence: the EU research funded under Horizon 2020 - including the activities of the EC Joint Research Centre, EU Agencies, the European Academies and the scientific community at large.

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The Scientific Advice Mechanism

As announced by President Juncker on 13 May 2015, the European Commission has set up the EC Scientific Advice Mechanism ("SAM"). Its aim is to support the Commission with high quality, timely and independent scientific advice for its policy-making activities. This will contribute to the quality of EU legislation, in line with the Better Regulation agenda.

The Scientific Advice Mechanism will draw on the wide range of scientific expertise in Europe through a close relationship with national academies and other bodies, as well as the expertise of a High-Level Group of independent scientific advisors.

The core of SAM is the High Level Group of Scientific Advisors, set up by the Commission Decision of 16 October 2015. The group is composed of seven highly qualified, specialised, independent experts, appointed in their personal capacity and who act independently and in the public interest.

The Commission was assisted in selecting the experts by an independent Identification Committee After a thorough analysis of the 162 candidates that were nominated through an open call for expressions of interest, the Committee proposed to the Commission a short list of suitable candidates for the High Level Group of Scientific Advisors and made a recommendation for seven members to be appointed for the first two and a half years, renewable once. The seven members proposed were appointed by Carlos Moedas, the Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, on 10 November 2015.



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