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RTD info logoMagazine on European Research Special Issue - August 2003   
 'Let’s be proud of our researchers'
 Research: a vocation
 Choosing a mentor
 Momentum to move
 Drawn to the USA
 Everyday life in Japan
 Balancing the gender equation
 A boost for science
 University challenge
 Migrating to the private sphere
 The incorruptible Marie

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Title  National associations of students, PhDs and researchers

Bullet France - Confédération des Etudiants Chercheurs (CEC)
Made up of some 30 local associations, located in 13 French university regions, the CEC represents PhDs and young researchers at national level. (Presentation in English).

Bullet Germany - Tesis
An interdisciplinary network of young scientists and PhDs, Thesis is not limited to Germans but is open to foreign and expatriate researchers. (Possibility to chat on the site in English, Spanish, Dutch and Swedish).

Bullet Ireland - Graduate Student’s Union
Site hosted by Trinity College, Dublin. The GSU site is a useful gateway to Ireland for students and researchers.

Bullet Italy - Associazione Dottorandi e Dottori di Ricerca Italiani (ADI)
Newsletter, databank containing CVs of Italian researchers, publication details of books based on personal testimonies (Cervella in fuga is one of the latest), links, and more.

Bullet Sweden - Sveriges Doktorander (Sdok)
An association of PhDs promoting exchanges of experience between Swedish students as well as researchers. (English version available)

Bullet Netherlands - Landelijk AiO-en OiO-Overleg (LAIOO)
The LAIOO is a national organisation of students and PhDs at Dutch universities which hosts a very practical site with information on social security legislation and tips on doing a thesis, etc.  (English version available)

Bullet United Kingdom - National Postgraduate Committee (NPC)
The National Postgraduate Committee is run by and for postgraduate students, with the aim of promoting interest in research and postgraduate studies.

Bullet Europe - Marie Curie Fellowship Association
This is an association of researchers who have been awarded a Marie Curie grant by the European Community. The MCFA produces a newspaper, organises regular meetings between its members, and hosts a very practical site with, among other things, details of how to access European opportunities (portal, grants, etc.), a career guide, a discussion forum and many useful links.