Inside the 7th Framework Programme

Numerous websites, conferences and publications have already been devoted to the Seventh Framework Programme. How to participate, how it is structured and what new features it contains, are all questions broadly explained on CORDIS and EUROPA websites.

We therefore thought it would be of interest to offer RTD info readers a different, more human and more personalised approach by allowing the protagonists in European research, who have an opinion thanks to their various roles, to have their say.

In this edition, a series of ‘internal’ and ‘external’ interviews cover a variety of diverse topics, such as the history of research supported by the European Union, the objectives of the European Research Council, and the total integration of the international dimension within the Seventh Framework Programme.

Analyses of Chinese, Japanese and Russian partners, firm proposals from the American essayist Jeremy Rifkin, a review of a new work on the European research policy, and several statements from project participants form the basis of this edition.