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 RTD info is a quarterly magazine published by the European Commission presenting a mix of research results and debate on scientific subjects of interest to a wide, non-specialised readership. The common theme is Europe.
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N° 51 - December 2006

 Exit RTD info, enter research*eu

A new name, new graphics, more pages and more subjects, both brief and in-depth, more interaction with our readers… But an unchanged twofold editorial objective: to produce the European Research Area magazine which will serve as a bridge between science and society.

Over ten years ago, RTD info started off as an occasional informative letter with an institutional content produced by the European Commission. Over the years, it has become a magazine which, by following a truly journalistic approach, sheds light on the main protagonists in European research and the projects they are involved in. The initial title of the magazine seemed to become more and more elliptical and obsolete, and did not keep pace with the evolution in form and content. For some time now, the idea of changing it has been in the air. But the press always finds it very difficult to take this kind of step. The possible change to the name of a regular, four-language publication, which has been widely distributed for several years, gave rise to numerous discussions, consultations and reader surveys.

After a consensus was obtained, we still had to decide on the ‘right’ name. research*eu emerged. We could have opted, as is often the case, for a reference to ancient mythology or some variation based on the prefixes eur- or euro. We preferred to adopt a ‘compact’ title, one that referred to the nature of the magazine and allowed for identifying both its content (research) and its origin (eu – Web domain launched in 2006 designating the geographical sphere of the European Union), joined by a symbolic star. Read more ...

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N° 51 - December 2006  N° 51 - December 2006 - Issue 51  
Climate - Waiting for the rainy season / European involvement / Extreme climate tentions / Deciphering the timing of the monsoon

Other articles: Man and machine... / E-inclusion, heads or tales / Biotechnology: growing in popularity / "A straight-talking scientist can create quite a stir" / Diabetes + obesity = diabesity / Erratic insulin / Type 1: towards new therapies? / The history of the yeast genome / Rebel with multiple causes / On the trail of sixties / Nobel prize winners to be...

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Special Issue: FP7 - June 2007  June 2007 - FP7   Special Issue: EIROforum - February 2007  February 2007 - EIROforum

European Union - USA - China - Japan - Russia - Enterprise -Research Centre

   The EIROforum has become a major player in European science - Bringing science out of the lab - CERN - EFDA - ILL - ESRF - EMBL - ESA - ES0

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