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Septembre 2000

European research on the brain

Billions of neurons

Neurosciences Dossier

Knowledge of the human brain: one of the most fascinating prospects scientific research offers the modern world.


European RTD digest
News in brief, Diary, Publications, Calls for proposals
Open forum
An informal platform for ideas and debate


European research:
An area on the move
Recherche européenne :  un espace en marche

Last October the Commission submitted concrete proposals on the objectives and actions of this strategic renewal that will determine the nature of the new framework programme covering 2002-2006..

  • Research infrastructures
    European tools for science

    Eric Banda, General Secretary of the European Science Foundation, on developing a new European policy for research infrastructures

  • Science and society
    The demands of democracy
    Relations between science and governance are at the heart of a major debate, initiated by the Conference that was organised last October by the Joint Research Center.

Aeronautics research:
Hamburg, January 2001: a turning point for European aviation.

Recherche aéronautique : défis à l'horizon 2020
  • Preparing for the Global Challenges of 2020
  • Aviation and the environment
  • Europe under a single sky
Iron and steel Industry:
Artificial intelligence with the strength of steel
Formation industrielle : la pédagogie des "objets jumeaux"

Iron and steel jobs piloted by super power computers.

Industrial training:
The educational value of "Twin Objects"
Les artifices intelligents des aciéries

Virtual techniques used in vocational training.

Socio-economic research:
(Re)thinking flexibility
Recherche socio-économique : (Re)penser la flexibilité

Researchers suggest new avenues to be explored in channelling the impact of flexible work practices.

from mountain to sea
Environnement : de la montagne à la mer
  • The message from the mountain lakes
    These ultra-sensitive ecosystems are being probed and tested by multidisciplinary teams of researchers.

  • Prolific - and deadly - algae
    What physico-chemical and biological mechanisms are causing the worrying spread of toxic micro algae?


Renewable sources of energy:
Spotlight on the Sun
Energies renouvelables : plein feu sur le soleil

The improved performances of photovoltaic sensors

New growth opportunities for lucerne
Agro-alimentation : atouts nouveaux pour la luzerne

Rubisco - a protein found in lucerne - is attracting the interest of experts on the human diet.


This newsletter contains articles on various aspects of Community research and presents project results. RTD Info is aimed both at current and potential participants in the Community research programmes and at a wider audience of manufacturers, decision-makers, students, etc. interested in the latest developments in European research. Each issue also provides an European RTD Digest with information updates about the Community research programmes: dates of calls for proposals, events, conferences, publications, etc.

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