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RTD InfoNo. 27

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September 2000

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Accelerating into a new age



A message from Achilleas Mitsos, the new Director-General

Accelerating into a new age

More than advances in space or micro-electronics which marked the end of the 20th century, the announcement on 26 June of the first complete sequencing of the human genome will go down in the annals of history as the first step in a radically new era in the destiny of mankind.

Environment and sustainable development
The challenges for the City of Tomorrow

Today's cities are grappling with multiple and complex problems as they seek to ensure a sustainable development as the sole guarantee of quality of life for their inhabitants. 'The City of tomorrow and cultural heritage', a key action under the Fifth Framework Programme, is endeavouring to promote an in-depth and integrated approach to all the technological, socio-economic and environmental challenges facing our metropolitan areas. David Miles, who is responsible for this policy at the European Commission, explains.

Prevent, adapt or suffer?

What could be the consequences of climate warming in Europe? A team of 40 researchers from the Acacia project is studying the likely socio-economic impact of such a change. And bringing the policy-makers, industrialists and social players face-to-face with the new realities which demand determining choices for our future.

International cooperation
North-South scientific partnerships

Scientific and technical cooperation is a strategic card in Europe's relations with the developing continents - Asia, Latin America, Africa. Examples include the fight against Aids, urban health, agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

New composite sets sail

An efficient technology is today allowing shipbuilders to use a thermoplastic method, based on the use of polypropylene, which eliminates any pollution problem caused by solvents.

Electronic security
No e-conomy without e-confidence
Electronic security

Towards a new space offering guarantees of protection and recourse against computer crime.

Technological risk
GSM: it's best to be informed
Technological risk

The first major international epidemiological study, launched this summer, is making it possible to analyse the damaging effects - real or supposed - of mobile phones on health.

Hanovre 2000

Supplement to RTD Info No. 26 May 2000

Hannover 2000 - Advances in European Research


This newsletter contains articles on various aspects of Community research and presents project results. RTD Info is aimed both at current and potential participants in the Community research programmes and at a wider audience of manufacturers, decision-makers, students, etc. interested in the latest developments in European research. Each issue also provides an European RTD Digest with information updates about the Community research programmes: dates of calls for proposals, events, conferences, publications, etc.

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