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RTD Info
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Février 2000

European RTD digest
Calls for Proposals, Events
and New Publications

Open forum

Towards a European Research Area

Research policy

An urgent need
Interview of Philippe Busquin, member of the European Comision, responsible for Research
Scientists give their verdict
The European scientific landscape
Accelerating into the future


Diabetes reveals its genes


Building the new man

Construction industry

Impetus for innovation
When the earth moves
Recycled buildings

Information Society

In the lead in the wireless world


The ozone shield under close surveillance
Europe's fragile forests
Communicating uncertainty

Hannover 2000

Supplement to RTD info n° 26 May 2000

Hannover 2000 - Advances in European Research


This newsletter contains articles on various aspects of Community research and presents project results. RTD Info is aimed both at current and potential participants in the Community research programmes and at a wider audience of manufacturers, decision-makers, students, etc. interested in the latest developments in European research. Each issue also provides an European RTD Digest with information updates about the Community research programmes: dates of calls for proposals, events, conferences, publications, etc.

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