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RTD Info
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February 2000
Special Feature

Special FeatureScience and Society
        and doubts


Forward studies
Strata - The strategy laboratory

European RTD digest
Calls for Proposals, Events
and New Publications

Open forum

Research strategy
- 2001, a new European space odyssey
- Galileo: the challenge of autonomy
Helping SMEs enter the communication age
Road transport
Reducing traffic jams, pollution and accidents
International cooperation
- Joint research, mutual benefits
- Powered by the Australian sun
A combined effort
Public health
On the trail of the mystery prion
Mobility of researchers
Brain drain or brain gain?

This newsletter contains articles on various aspects of Community research and presents project results. RTD Info is aimed both at current and potential participants in the Community research programmes and at a wider audience of manufacturers, decision-makers, students, etc. interested in the latest developments in European research. Each issue also provides an European RTD Digest with information updates about the Community research programmes: dates of calls for proposals, events, conferences, publications, etc.

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