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RTD info logoMagazine on European Research N° 50 - August 2006   
 Sound in body and mind...
 "There is plenty to communicate…"
 Science as a sign of the times
 Research and the philanthropists
 Fotis Kafatos: the model mentor
 Movement on the biofuel front
 What’s good for the goose…
 Deviance, the environment and genetics
 Alternative visions of the Euro-Mediterranean
 HD69830 and its three Neptunes

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Profiling European research

Just for once, RTD info brings you news about… RTD info. On the occasion of its 50th issue, we believe it is useful to dedicate a few pages to the past and future of a publication that, in just over ten years, has succeeded in establishing a role and an identity for itself. Since 1997, when it became a fully-fledged magazine, RTD info has sought to present the reality of the European Research Area. This has meant viewing it from every angle – from its programmes to its policies and projects – while giving a human face to the researchers in the field, and looking closely at the hopes and questions raised by the impact of science and technology on society.

RTDinfo publishes articles, as opposed to ‘messages’, on European research. These are aimed at a readership that is not necessarily directly involved in these activities or with specialised knowledge. In a field so vitally important for the future of European citizens, the magazine’s aim is to present a lively and interesting picture, not only of the activities inspired and supported by the so-called ‘Brussels’ institutions (often seen as essentially bureaucratic), but also of the many facets of science and its role today. 

Readers have expressed regret that its articles do not carry bylines, thereby concealing the face that we claim to want to present. How and by whom is this magazine produced? In just a few words, we will break with this discretion – adopted because of the many contributors to the articles – by presenting briefly some of the many faces behind RTD info. Between 1997 and June 2006, under the management of Michel Claessens at the Research DG, journalists Didier Buysse and Christine Rugemer were responsible for coordinating the editorial content and the graphics. Guy Vaerman orchestrated production and Sébastien Chipot the complex logistics of the translations. Juliette Bruyndonckx provided the graphics and Caroline Bricteux managed the production of the on-line version – in cooperation with Stephen Gosden, webmaster of the European Commission’s Europa/Research site. The production of the magazine also owes much to the professionalism of the many scientific journalists who write the articles, to the talent of the many freelance photographers and artists, and to the sensitive pen of the translators and revisers – in particular Hazel Collier, Michael Wappelhorst, Regine Prunzel and Julia Acevedo – thanks to whom RTD info can be read in four languages. 

The magazine today has a print run of 86 000 copies, more than half of which are sent out to individual or institutional subscribers. In 2005, the on-line versions of RTD info attracted more than 300 000 readers at the Europa/Research site. On the basis of feedback and suggestions from the readers, an improved version of the magazine is now being prepared. This will be unveiled early in 2007, to coincide with the launch of the Seventh Framework Programme.