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RTD info logoMagazine on European Research N°39 - November 2003   
 Tribology in the 'nano' age
 A dead end in 30 years
 Moulding public opinion – truth and myth
 Biocultural fervour
 A new ERA of research

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Viruses without barriers Viruses without barriers

Zoonoses (old or new diseases human beings may acquire from animals) are intensifying to form a growing threat. Mad cow disease was followed by SARS. The new threats are a result of increasingly versatile viruses, the global trading system and the worldwide ecological crisis.

Forensic science

'Traditional' criminality, health and food fraud, sports doping… The forensic police now have the high-tech tools (biotechnology, data processing, obotics, etc.) to provide proof of guilt – or of innocence.

Forensic science

  TRIBO project: research on improving tribological performances in the aerospace industry where they are particularly important for safety and energy savings.
Industrial technologies
Tribology in the 'nano' age
Little known to the uninitiated, the scientific and technological discipline which studies the resistance of materials to the friction and wear inherent in mechanical systems is at the forefront of the industrial penetration of nanotechnologies. 
Energy and Climate
A dead end in 30 years
If current trends continue and in the absence of determined political action, in 30 years’ time we will be faced with increasingly uncontrollable energy and climate problems. This is the conclusion of the recent WETO study published by European researchers. The ball is now in the politicians’ court.
  Sociologist, physicist and journalist Hans Peter Peters is concentrating his research on scientific and environmental communication.
Communicating science
Moulding public opinion – truth and myth
Can citizens’ opinions be influenced by feeding them with information on science and technology? The answer is not so simple, says Hans Peter Peters, director of the Humans-Environment-Technology programme at the Juelich Research Centre (DE). A reader or listener’s reaction to a particular message is the outcome of a personal and largely unpredictable cognitive process, the mechanisms of which we are only just beginning to discover.
  Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez
Biocultural fervour
Doctor of biology and chemical engineering Cesareo Saiz-Jimenez has carved out a cross-disciplinary research field for himself, studying the biological processes at work at historical sites and monuments. The implications of this fascinating work extend much further than simply protecting our cultural heritage.
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European research area
A new ERA of research
As the 'last born' under the Sixth Framework Programme, the ERA-Net initiative is something of an exception as regards traditional EU support for research. It is targeted at public or quasi-public institutions responsible for managing research policy and activities at national or regional level in the Member and Associated States. It aims to help them co-operate and coordinate their approaches.