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September 99

Marie Curie's

Young researchers?
They are the valuable human capital which Europe intends to provide with the necessary resources to continue its tradition of scientific excellence.

A new era

RTD Agenda (new!)
Calls for Proposals, Events
and New Publications

Combatting Drug abuse in sport
European research is committed to the cause
Artificial liver: a clinico-logistic demonstration
Ichthyology and conserving marine biodiversity
Development cooperation
When parasites decimate livestock
Health and the environment
Benzene in the city
Global change
Desertification: identifying the symptoms to administer the cure
Technological innovation
So the cork doesn't spoil the wine
Intelligent systems
Fly-by-wire cars
Eureka conference
Eureka: in search of a second wind
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This newsletter contains articles on various aspects of Community research and presents project results. RTD Info is aimed both at current and potential participants in the Community research programmes and at a wider audience of manufacturers, decision-makers, students, etc. interested in the latest developments in European research. Each issue also provides an European RTD Digest with information updates about the Community research programmes: dates of calls for proposals, events, conferences, publications, etc.

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