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« Researchers' Night Of Slovenia »

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Programme (PDF 221KB)


Researchers' Night 2006 in Maribor and Celje
Maribor and Celje, various locations

Organised by:
University of Maribor (contact: Brigita Horvat )(Rector’ s office, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Logistics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, informatics and Computer Science, Ministry of Higher Education, National Research Agency, Technical Museum of Slovenia)


Science on show: scientific discoveries in connection with music and politics of their time..; the tremendous influence of research on daily life

Tesla’s research: discover the Technical museum of Slovenia and become guide to the video tour

Strange faces of the relativistic history: discover how you constantly deal with relativity, see programmes simulating time dilations and contractions, be amazed of the speed of objects…

Physics of love : where does love come from? From Euphoria to obsession, experience the kaleidoscope of love feelings and find the receipt for long term relationships….

Fingerprints of music: discover spectral patterns of different music instruments, produce sounds and measure spectral characteristics…

A date with researchers: meet researchers and discuss with each of them about his/her research or whichever subject you wish

See the stars above: enjoy a guided tour in the sky, discovering astronomic objects, learn about the Moon, find your place within the Universe…

Yes, researchers have the sense of humour! Exhibition of comics, unexplained phenomenon, photographs, books of jokes…

Yes, researchers have muscles! Rowing regatta, round tables about research and sport…

Build with researchers : build a mage-structure with tubes, ropes and other simple building elements, that will be used for stage performances during the Night…

Theatre performances, Multi media, Rock concert by Faculty musicians….

Chat, sing, laugh, dance, discover, play music and build with Slovenian researchers…an experience you will remember for a long time…in Maribor and Celje on 22 September 2006

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