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« Researchers’ Night in Sweden : Forskarfredag »


Researchers' Night 2006 in Sweden
Stockholm, Örebro, Kalmar, Kristianstad, Lund, Göteborg, Trollhättan, Umeå, Skellefteå

Organised by:
Vetenskap & Allmänhet (contact Cissi, Universeum, Regionförbundet i Kalmar län, Högskolan Kristianstad, Lunds universitet, Skería Utveckling, Vetenskapsrådet, Innovatum AB, Umeå universitet, Örebro universitet.


Göteborg: workshops, experiments and debates on burning subjects: nanosciences and nanotechnology, to be a human being, crash safety, living in a space station, how can we change the world, creation of pharmaceuticals, open café…

Kalmar: make your own waterwheel in the experiment Lab, find out if Algal blooms can be stopped, meet scientists and their research, discuss your pharmaceuticals with the local hospital, experience the power of 3 D visualisation, researchers´ pub…

Kristianstad: science in the kitchen (from natural sciences to social and cultural aspects into food), broadcast and streamed quiz (discussion by 11 years-old in an interactive way with researchers and public), accelerator, perceptions of science and art (how broad interaction can lead to interesting discussions)…

Lund: Be a detective, scientists on stage (debate), open debates, geologists make their show, philosophical workshop with children, jugglers, fire-eaters, sword-swallowers, try a roman armour, storytelling for children, medieval cooking, art exhibition (from fly research), physics show, latest inventions, open museums, cognitive science, voice imitators, live music by scientists

Skellefteå: plant and vegetables of tomorrow, wood technology, movies is not reality, hunting in the researchers’ perspective, science and sports (it’s in the game), research and grow, horses as a hobby, mixing wood and plastic, lego de Luxe, Sudoku puzzles, restaurant and café…

Stockholm: make your own bubble bath balls, try mobile phones of the future, experience a volcano, ride a bicycle illustrating generation of electricity, try playful creativity exercises, play mind ball and the blood typing game, climb a glacier, the Staffan Yngve physics show, pervasive games, forensic medicine, science cafés…

Trollhättan: demonstrations and hands-on experiments: into the sky (how can aeroplanes fly?), Mission Mars (building of robots and programming them), Hybrid cars (influence on fuel consumption and environment), Darling (who are you in your relationship with others?), mini factory, Albert Einstein show…

Umeå: exhibition, hands on experiments: brain exhibition, experiments, school classes meet scientists, stroke simulator, computer games in rehabilitation of children, Hollywood and physical laws, retro games, retro gaming, retro culture, evening café, an evening among the stars (the new Observatory inaugurated in May 2006)

Örebro: debates, hands on experiments, workshops: be your own surgeon, walk like an oldie, experience your real ER, get to know Pippi (the sense of smell into artificial intelligent systems via an electronic nose), discuss health, use your body (children), science café…

Would you want to know about unvisited planets, to improve your cooking, to be your own surgeon, to build a robot, to enter your brain…..then you’ll find what you have been searching for in the Swedish Researchers’ night! Visit for more information!

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