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Researchers in Europe
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«Europe gets better acquainted with stars in search of new worlds »


Researchers Night 2006 in Porto
Porto, Research Centre in Astronomy and astrophysics of Porto University

Organised by:
Research Centre in Astronomy and astrophysics of Porto University (contact: Filipe Alexandre Lopes Pires, )

Win a telescope! Take part in the plastic arts workshop and imagine how solar planets might be in paintings and drawings...

Become a searcher of new worlds : learn which techniques and methods researches apply to search for new extra solar planets, discover the light signal decrease due to planetary transits and get a certificate...

Stars have also their seismology… let specialists take your hand to discover this fascinating aspect of the stars’ live and be proud to show your certificate to your friends...

What is COROT? Meet researchers whose daily life is amongst the stars and unknown worlds which will be yours for one night only...

Touch the stars with your eyes : thanks to the COROT powerful telescope, discover as if you were near to them Solar system planets, their moons, nebulae and some distant galaxies invisible for our Western eyes.

Sky research: discovery of infinite new worlds

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