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« Faces Behind Science »


Warsaw and suburbs, several different locations (transport ensured by organisers)
Organised by:
Logo of the University of WarsawWarsaw University (contact: Maciej GELLER, )(Laboratory if Cell Membrane Physiology, Laboratory of Electron Microscopy, Nencki Institute of Experimental biology PAS, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, Institute of Experimental Physics, Kielanowsky Institute of Animal Physiology and Nutrition Pas, National Museum in Warsaw, Institute of Archaeology, University of Technology, Institute of Physiology and Pathology of Hearing, Dept of Otolaryngology, Medical university of Warsaw, Otolaryngology Clinic of Surgery Institute, Military Academy of Lodz, University of Ferrara, Service of Audiology, Italy, Warsaw Military Academy, Institute of biochemistry and Biophysics PAS, Institute of Geophysics, Centre of Aerology of Institute of Meteorology and Water Management in Legionowo, Warsaw Agricultural University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Medical Academy of Warsaw, Depart of Pathology…)

©Grzegorz Rosinski, Military Academy of Technology ( Warsaw)

The Professor and her/his team: live : professor and his/her team working on several topics of burning actuality: May children die of heart attack? Physical chemistry around us, From micro to macro cosmos, Our friends animals

The Professor as an academic educator: directly get involved in the preparation of a experimental physics demonstration: measuring the speed of light

Science is in your life : discover how things of your daily have been or will be influenced by the researchers’ work: Science and hearings problems, Knotted light meeting, homage to yeast, The planet you live on, Night air traveller, Diseases and vaccines.

©Grzegorz Rosinski, Military Academy of Technology ( Warsaw)

Research is my first choice : learn about the fascination of the job researcher; why do they choose research? (Social psychology, Inside living and non living matter)

Do you need research? What is theoretical Physics? Physics and Medicine, Istopic dating, A visit to astronomical Observatory in Ostrowik, Lets’ talk about biotechnology….

I imagine science as a big garden where the Master talks about the Universe with his acolytes. And close to them, some other people try to work out the experiment… that’s what you will discover during the Warsaw Researchers’ night 2006…

Prof. Robert HOLYST, University of Warsaw

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