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Researchers in Europe
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Researcher's Night in Latvia


Further information can be found:


Riga, Latvia

Organised by: University of Latvia (contact: Ligita Liepina, Ministry of education and Science of the Republic of Latvia, British Council, Latvia 


Chat with researchers: café scientifique at Latvia University “Invisible in real life”

Become familiar with the mysteriesof holography, lasers and holograms. Try to create electronic noise, Enjoy hands-on experiments ( Institute of Solid State Physics)

Understand atomic spectroscopy and medical physics with the help of experienced researchers ( Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy)

Discover microscopic nanostructures, in the premises of the Institute of Chemical Physics that will be unveiled for you

Enjoy the theatre performance "The Gene Machine" at the Biomedical Research and Study centre, and discuss with Franc Burnet

Do you want to understand how things work? To discover the tiniest of the tiniest structures? To see the invisible? No question, you have to go to University of Latvia on 22 September 2006!

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