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« Condividiamo Mille Emozioni Insieme »

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Researcher's Night 2006 in Italy
Frascati (Roma)

Organised by:
Isituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati(Contact Giovanni MAZITELI, ) (ENEA, ESRIN, INAF-OAR, Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerca, ROMA 1, ROMA2, ROMA 3)


Saperi/sapori festival (knowledge/flavours): a dynamic exhibition, where local products, as typical foods and handicrafts, tastes, flavours and colours, meet, in a happy interplay, the science and its fall-outs.

Kids, young researchers are growing: guided tours, playing interesting games and discussions with researchers, dedicated to children and teenagers, in which also parents can get involved.

Hands-on experiments : share the research thrill, by performing, public and researchers together, real experiments, adapted for public realisation : mini-gravitational antenna; play with the cold; the physics of the sound, music from the particles. Become researchers for one night!

Interactive guided tours : accompanied journey inside the participating Institutes and discussion with researchers, based on different thematic: particle and nuclear physics, accelerators, medical physics, astronomy, space research, non-conventional energy resources. Touch by hand the most advanced technology used by researchers!

Rock concert and DJ set : a concert where researchers and students will play together with rock-bands in the area

Researchers in cinema : short films festival having the researcher figure and her/his social life and hobbies as leading track; a contest for the best non-professional movie will be organized.

Physics, accelerators, energy, astronomy, medicine, technology. Discover the joyful world of researchers, 1001 nights in one!

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