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Researcher's Night 2006 in Piedmont
Turin, Alessandria, and Vercelli

Organised by:
Unioncamere Piemonte (contact Anna SIBILLA, ), Regione Piemonte, Politecnico di Torino, Università degli studi di Torino, Università degli studi del Piemonte orientale “Amedeo Avogadro”, Associazione Istituto Superiore Mario Boella.

Torino (c) Peter Guttierrez
Vercelli © UNIPMN (Università Piemonte Orientale)

Researchers and your everyday life : experiments showing in a simple and user-friendly way the influence of research on your daily life: nano technology, cultural heritage, plant protection, the underground adventure of the soil, veterinary obstetrics, pseudo-sciences, magical chemistry and physics, computer graphics…

Try a prototype : knowing and trying a prototype of three wheels vehicle, install a lab within a van, power a wheel chair by hydrogen energy systems

Artist researchers : theatrical performances, open-air concerts, lights of the past, love stories between chemical elements, Primo Levi, chemist and writer, Fantasyland (pseudo historical theories) reading the museum…

Torino (c) Peter Guttierrez
Torino © Peter Gutierrez

Play researcher for a night : interactive games (treasure hunt, Politest, Walking and equilibrium, playing with chemistry…

Researchers explain themselves : trip inside science, cosmic rays, to keep pace with a researcher, observe the night sky chats with researchers…

Do you accept challenges? Experimenta 2006 tour (interactive trip about the “invisible technologies”, internet as the biggest machine enveloping the world, satellites and electronic sensors helping us in daily life, the switching from analogical to the digital: a trip to make the invisible a visible reality….).

Try…to be a researcher, a three wheels prototype, facing challenges…let your neurones participate in the challenge!

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