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« Searhcing into the past... »

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Ancient centre of Naples, “Decumans” of Roman era
22 September 2006

Organised by: Diacom logo
Dicocom s.r.l., (contact Paolo CUTOLO,
Observatory of Mont Vesuvius, National Institute of Applied Optics, Federico II University, Faculty of Architecture, Applied Experimental of Architecture, Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella



Search inside and outside… the laboratory: discover in Piazza Dante how the Vesuvius activity is monitored and how it led to land transformations, applications of optical studies to a volcano, jump from an helicopter inside the crater as if you really were there…

Search of antique city… discover in three dimensions the structure of the ancient Greek wall of the city and seehow San Paolo church born as a Roman temple, changed into a paleo-christian basilica, became the church you see today in Naples

Researchers are among us and they play music! : electronic concert by conservatory students, jam session by Federico II professors’ jazz band in Conservatory Chiostro

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Take a walk in the history: pass through the main survivals of secular history, thanks to all the Naples witnesses in the ancient polis, enjoy a 3D reconstruction of Naples through the ages and learn more about your fascinating city…

Digging into the past : take your chance of finding an “ancient treasure” thanks to the stories that the earth will tell you…in an archaeological cave…

Theatre in the streets of Naples: three theatrical eventsfocusing on current and researchers now and in the past…

Naples is a very special city: beyond the stereotypes usually associated with Naples and its inhabitants, discover how the Vesuvius, while remaining a potential threat to the territory, also gave it a lot of richness: fertile soil, natural springs, wonderful ruins of Pompeii ed Ercolano...
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