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« Israel Researchers’ Night 2006 : Hahamblila »


Researchers' Night 2006 in Israel
Jerusalem, Haifa, Rehovot, Kiryat-Shmona, Tel Aviv, Ramat-Gan

Organised by:
Ministry of Science and Technology ( contact: Ilana LOWI, ), Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, The Weizmann Institute of Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Bar-Ilan University, MIGAL-Galilee Technology Centre, Tel Aviv University, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology


Haifa: in the steps of Einstein: discover the Scientists in slippers - the scientists in everyday life;meet Albert Einstein through a one-man play and see the original astronomical instruments he used in his student’s days…discover the magic in science (optical illusions, head without body, séance table…,” Hocus Science Pocus” film, listen to “the sounds of science”(African inspired/jazz/rock performance) explore space and discover the chemical garden that the first Israeli astronaut brought in Columbia Shuttle where he lost his life…enjoy making food and beverages with the Technion scientists – wine & bread, chocolate, ice cream.

Rehovot : face to face with researchers in scientific cafés and enter the mysteries of the labs that will be exceptionally open to you during that special night, and walk into the solarsystem in the Clore garden of Science…


Jerusalem : lectures(also in Arabic and Russian), with observations through a telescope, navigate in the sky at Har Tayasim (mountain located South East of Jerusalem) discover the basics of waves and sonar, sing with the birds in the Knesset garden, see in the night with technological instruments of night vision gear, play with lasers…

Tel-Aviv : penetrate the high-tech labs of the Bar-Ilan university (Ramat-Gan): physics, computer science, chemistry, engineering, life sciences, brain sciences…, booths and workshops specially dedicated to the youth (aphids and colours, life-cycle of rats, taxidermy, computational biology…), make your choice between lectures, scientific hands-on experiments, demonstrations at the Tel-Aviv University

Kiryat-Shmona: lectures and labs guided tours, discovery of the project related to the beautiful Jordan and Hula Valley, “become an environmental scientist” (young people and children)….

Put your steps in those of Einstein, walk into the solar system, explore space or climb mountains…enjoy the kaleidoscope of activities prepared for you in Israel during the magic 19 September night!

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