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Researchers in Europe
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« A scientific approach to nature »


Researchers Night 2006 in Hungary
Budapest and Győr

Organised by:
BudapestTempus Public Foundation (contact: Vanda MOHACSI, ), ENCOMPASS, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Széchenyi Istvan University.



Design a poster promoting recycling, photograph science, make metal waste a work of art and get your award at the House of Future in Budapest

Scientists on stage : enjoy the show of all unexpected skills of renowned and young researchers

Have a drink with researchers : informal meeting with researchers at the House of Future in Budapest

Play, play, play : interactive national and international game via the Internet (topics linked to environmental protection, natural sciences, and other burning issues)

Paticipate: in a televised and on-line forum and dicussion with famous scientists


A romantic-scientific sailing on the Danube at night: enjoy an ultra-high resolution seismic surveying by on-line scanning of the river bottom around one of the Budapest bridges

Learn through several lectures about the Sun, natural disasters, climate change, meaning of science

Follow researchers to discover environmental treasures : guided tours in Szemlő-hegy cave, in the Lukás Bath, in a lava exhibition…, mathematical wonders: 3-dimensional projections of polytopes and their truncations, put your feet in a palaeontologist’s shoes: dendrochronological lab, investigate the rock and mineral collection of the mineralogy department…, simulate a flight in a full-scale modern airliner’s cockpit, visit the nuclear training reactor, undertake a campus sightseeing tour, enjoy cheerful lectures and…

…use the Foucault pendulum, measure the velocity of light… and date with the stars at the bank of the river Mosoni Danube at Győr!!!

An unforgettable dating… nature, rivers, skies, fun and science…

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