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Researchers in Europe
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« Researchers’ Night 2006 : Portraits In The Hexagon »

Strasbourg, Angers, Besançon, Dijon, Bergerac, Bordeaux, Marseille, Toulon, Mulhouse, Tautavel, and Perpignan.
Organised by:
Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg (contact: Delphine University of Angers, University of Franche-Comté, University of Burgundy, CCSTI Créasciences, CCSTI Cap Sciences, CCSTI Agora des Sciences, CCSTI Nef des Sciences, CCSTI Centre Européen de Recherches Préhistoriques.

Strasbourg : Discover treasures in the researchers’ museums (original visits of collection), become a small researcher (children, fun workshops), exhibition of researchers’ portraits and scientific tasting in a famous wine bar, discover the researchers’ hidden talents (music, theatre, comedy, circus, singing), nocturnal town (night tour)

Angers (castle) Sciences and cinema, short movies on giant screen, researchers’ improvisation, contemporary music by researchers, life of a researcher (pictures in laboratory) ”great lawsuits of the scientists (short theatre plays on known scientists), odour bar, scientific café, surprising theatre, stars’ observations…

Besançon : Time and anaesthesia (visits of museums), flashlights in the botanical garden, vampires, werewolves, night monsters in “Les passagers du zinc” famous bar in the city…

Dijon : scenographic workshops on the daily life of researchers, “life and death of pancakes” (comedy show), photographic exhibition, European buffet

Bergerac : exhibition “portraits of researchers”, scientific cafés, workshops on line in a scientific café, fun workshops for the youngest, projection on giant screen, concert…

Bordeaux : workshops and animations for children, quiz a scientist (questions addressed to researchers who have 3 minutes to provide the answer), discussions in friendly environments (bars, cultural sites, tramways stops…) and friendly dinner in the centre of the town

Participanting cities in the European Researchers' Night 2006 in France

Marseille and Toulon: Water games, portrait exhibition, researchers on stage (presentation of researchers hidden talents, painting, dancing, playing music or theatre ), aquatic life walk visit towards aquatic species of the current exhibition, and discovery of the back collections, night feast in the lab (Luminy technological park), E=mc2 exhibition (exhibition and encounter with CEA scientists)

Mulhouse : researchers’ coffee animated by artists, portrait exhibition

Tautavel and Perpignan : the first steps of humanity (conference/lecture by an anthropologist), interactive workshops on astronomy, exhibition of researchers’ portraits, film festival “men researchers”

From vampires to dancefloor…the French researchers’ night will bring you into the mysterious and amazing world of researchers

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