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« Researchers' Night@A7: Smell'nd Science »


Toulouse, France (Scientific campus of Rangeuil)
Organised by: SENSORIC (contact: Thierry TALOU, ), INPT-ENSIACET, CRITT Agroressources, Association CIRANO, Pôle Senteurs et Couleurs du Grand Sud, ITV France, GIS Oenologie

SEE the smells! Projection of documentary movie" Les odeurs dans tous les sens", by Bernard Andro

LISTEN about smells! Conference-debate by Thierry Talou: "Odeurs de molecules, molecules d'odeur: la truffe noire du Périgord"

READ the smells! CrossBooking operation: release in the wild of odorized books written by different European writters

TOUCH the smells! (MEMBER STATES HAVE THEIR OWN SMELL) Scented exhibitions: scents of Europe (with satellite picture with 25 fragrances illustrating the 25 Member states), scents of Midi-Pyrénées, "Odorologia" (odorology used in police investigations), Arts&Scents (graff, sculpture), demos of odorized PowerPoint presentations, scented inkjet paper printing (innovation 2006 by ENSIACET)

TASTE the smells! EurOenology experiment: tasting of wine and cheese from several European regions (single aroma, various origins)

Come and taste the delicious fragrance of research…!

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