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« Finnish Researchers’ Night »

Further information:

Researchers' Night 2006 in Finland
Mikkeli, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Kokkola, Vaasa, Vantaa

Organised by:
Academy of Finland (contact: Pasi Ripatti,, University of Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä, University of Vaasa, Finnish Science Centre Foundation


Mikkeli: Join the Science Circus: science quiz (researchers challenging students), workshops introducing researchers, hands-on experiments, true researches, tasting points in shopping mall (food research)...

Lahti: Take the Pendolino of Science: open doors, meetings, debates, interactive excursions and city tours, labs visits, scientific pictures exhibition, “Science marquee”, science quiz, science train, research on stage stand up show, and several children-focused activities: Doctor appointment, science quiz, labs visits, being a scientist

Jyväskylä : Embark on science adventure: experiences and sensations, researchers’ cafés: demos and tests: see, feel, touch and taste science, play, test and learn, make music by moving your head, tell me which music you listen to, I tell you who you are, computer music, dance and theatre performance, interactive websites...

Kokkola : Meet scientists: presentation of their work by scientists researchers in video, researchers in everyday life (posters’ exhibition), open lectures, discuss with teachers and professors, comedy inspired by scientists, interactive websites (ask a professor...)

Vaasa : Research fair (open doors with stands dedicated to various research topics), guided tours in labs, demos by researchers, second hand science book sale, playful competition/tournament, stand up presentations, theatre performances, meditation room....

Vantaa : Come to the all-night science camp in the Science Centre Heureka! Meeting with 4 scientists during the night in a relaxed atmosphere, discussion about science topic in a conversation game called DECIDE, make a statement to be given to a MP at Midnight...

Just take the pendolino, join the Science Circus, participate in the research fair and start the science adventure!

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