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« Research your mind »


Researchers Night 2006 in Spain and Poland
Barcelona, Katowice
Organised by:
The Agency for Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR, contact Cristina Borras, ) of the Government of Catalonia, Spain and the Institute for Ecology and Industrial Areas (IETU), Poland



Surprising and entertaining game , played by participants in both Barcelona and Katowice; divided in two teams.

A master of ceremony will read the questions in each place, and the teams will have approximately 3 minutes to provide an answer on each question.


The game will be based on 200 question cards, each card containing a science-related question with 4 possible answers elaborated in an humoristic way. Solution will be on the back of the card, accompanied by explanations, additional information and, if relevant, a link to a website where further material can be found.

Each team will be composed of “ordinary people”, in particular young people, scientists, politicians, journalists, businessmen…of both areas involved and a giant screen will be installed in both places to allow the audience to follow the game.

Each person attending will receive a set of the game so that they will be able to play it at home.

Play and search…, play science! You’ll be surprised…

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