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Researchers Night 2006 in Hamburg
In Hamburg, at the Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (ZMAW)
Organised by:
ALDEBARAN Marine Research and Broadcast (contact )
( Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (ZMAW), University of Hamburg, Max Planck Institute, Centre for Marine and Climate Research (ZMK), Meteorological Institute, Institute for Physical Oceanography, Institute for Geophysics, Institute for Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science, Institute for Biogeochemistry and Marine Chemistry, Research Unit Sustainability and Global Change)

Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
Centre for Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Put your hands-on! Guided tours, demonstrations, presentations, experiments: surf through climate research, dramatic light effects and view over Hamburg at night thanks to the night-lit high performance computer of the Geomatikum, enter the wind tunnel in the Geomatikum, measure the greenhouse effect over Hamburg, register seismic data with latest high tech instruments, dive into the virtual model data world of climate research, enter the ocean (invisible waves, vibrating molecules), discover why we do need bad weather…

Touch the researchers’ climate! Meet researchers specialised in earth system, in the deep sea, in geophysics, in oceanography, in fisheries, in climate research, in geology and chemistry…

Play marine scientist! Films and experiments about “research at sea”, game “Winds of change”, discover the North Atlantic in a water glass, taste the sea, discover marine microcosms, launch a real air balloon, take part in the balloon contest!

ALDEBARAN Marine Research and Broadcast
ALDEBARAN Marine Research and Broadcast

Enjoy open-air activities : dive container, gigantic projection screen, demonstration of marine research instruments, try the best cloud radar in the world..

Highlight: Live simulcast to the European most active volcano “ Stromboli”.

Research party : dance with the DJ and taste the delicious goods offered at the open-air buffet (tent in case of rain…)

Dive into science and surf of the marine research exciting waves…

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