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« Belgian researchers’ initiative to heat that night »

Further information:


Researcher's Night 2006 in Belgium
Brussels, Liege, Louvain-La Neuve and Kortrijk.

Organised by:
Belgian Science Policy/STIS (contact Didier Flagothier, ), Scienceinfuse, Université Catholique de Louvain, Université de Liège, Space Pole (Royal Observatory of Belgium – Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy – Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium – Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium), Université Libre de Bruxelles, Vrije universiteit Brussel, Kaholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West Vlaanderen)


  • Is the researcher like everybody else? (science café),
  • Workshops animated by Cap Sciences: the water cycle, volcanos and cyclones, police investigation, discovery of the small world


  • Discover the papyrus library
  • Night dinner of the aquarium hosts (night feeding of the fishes etc)
  • The university like you never saw it
  • The researchers entertain you: music concerts, theatre sketches, hands on experiments...

Brussels (Space Pole at the Planetarium)

  • Play baseball with the stars
  • Hands-on experiments: is there life on Mars? What are we breathing? How will the sun behave?
  • How is the space weather today?

Brussels (La Tentation)

  • Science café in a popular café in the centre of the city: researches from the three sisters universities of Brussels answer to all your questions


  • The Fantastic voyage movie (inside trip in the body of a man having experienced thrombosis)
  • Exhibition: beautiful small thing sin life (bio and nano technology)


In the sky, on earth, underground, in water and even in your body, follow researchers and discover worlds you wouldn't even have thought about...

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