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Poster contest 2009
Practical information
In the framework of the Researchers'night 2009 edition, a competition has been organised in each of the co-funded project.
The aim of such competition consisted of selecting the future advertising poster the 2010 Researchers'night.

No specific requirement neither age category was requested and the individual organisers remained free to autonomously define the selection criteria as well as the composition of the jury.

Have your say and chose the 2010 Researchers'night poster by clicking on your favourite poster!

Vote is open until 15th December 2009. Results will be posted here early 2010.

Please select your preferred poster by clicking on the corresponding button.
You can zoom on the poster by clicking the relevant thumbnail.
Please note that you are expected to select one single poster amongst those displayed.

After having made your choice, please validate your vote by ticking the "VOTE" button at the bottom of the page.
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