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Photo contest 2008
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FINALLY , the results of the European pictures contest are known !

During the Researchers' Night 2008, a picture competition was organised in the framework of each project with the theme "Portrait of a Researcher".
Three categories were involved:
Categorie 1 (6-12 years old)
Categorie 2 (12-18 years old)
Categorie 3 (over 18 years old)

Pictures were displayed during the Night and the winners awarded, for their artworks to take part in the European contest.The public at large could vote by a simple click . After counting of the numerous votes, we are very happy to announce the lucky winners :

  • Winner: Venla Sainio - Future World - Finland
  • Second: Carla Laussamayer - OOE Night - Austria
  • Third: Aleksandra Gajenska - Teach By Play - Poland
  • Winner: Katarzyna Ciekowska Mlodzi - Odysnight - Poland
  • Second: Marianne Leguy - EFRENI - France
  • Third: Sakari Patana - Future World - Finland
  • Winner: Nejat Topcuoglu - Euren-TR-3 - Turkey
  • Second: Luc Lehette - Bright-Night-3 - Belgium
  • Third: Jitka Kosnovska - RN2008CZ - Czech Republic
Congratulations to them and see you soon with the 2009 Poster competition, on the theme "Imagine and design the advertising poster for the 2010 Researchers' Night"
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