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European Researchers’ Night – Meet Swedish defence researchers

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23 September 2005, 13.00-19.00
Organised by: FOI-Sensor Technology

Man screaming ‘Aaiii’ in a soundproof chamber
On 23 September 2005, FOI, the Swedish Defence Research Agency, will open the doors of its Linköping facility to high-school students aged 7 to 12. FOI is an assignment-based authority, under the Ministry of Defence, dedicated to research and technology development in the field of defence and security.The Linköping facility employs some 400 people, of whom 160 work on sensor technology.

The event is organised on an invitation-only basis. Invitations were sent out to schools in West Östergötland, and received an enthusiastic response. On Friday 23 September, about 200 students will take part in the following activities:

  • Acoustics – What is it like in a totally quiet room? Competitions will be held in the acoustics lab: Are you the loudest teenager in the area? Can you shout equally twice?
  • Measuring by light – In the hydro-acoustic lab you will gain first-hand experience of sensors made from optical fibres and see how, by using fibres, extremely sensitive sensors can be made.
  • 3-D Environment modelling – By using laser scanning, ‘3-D maps’ can be created. From these maps (environment models), we can generate a ‘mixed reality’, which is the next generation of, and a step better than, ‘virtual reality’.
  • Reverberation chamber – Experiments are performed in a giant microwave oven. There will be no fried cats, but perhaps you will see what happens when a transistor radio or a LAN is affected by microwaves.
  • Anechoic chamber – After you have visited the almost soundproof lab this is the electromagnetic equivalent. Find out how this chamber is used for experiments.
  • Meet the scientist – Have a chat with a scientist and find out if they are normal people (we believe they are!). You will be served a snack and a soft drink and then have an opportunity to discuss with us – What it is like to be a researcher?
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