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European Researchers’ Night – Looking into the ocean

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Giant octopus being examined by scientists


Vigo, Institute for Marine Research
23 September 2005, 10.00-19.00
Organised by: the Galician Branch of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the Institute for Marine Research (IIM)

The Institute for Marine Research (IIM) in Vigo is one of the most important research centres in the region of Galicia (Spain). For over half a century, the IIM has been making a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the fisheries industry on the southwest Atlantic coast of Europe.

The IIM will open its doors to welcome young science students and representatives from different professional fields. The staff of the Institute will conduct a guided tour, with thematic ‘stops’ at the main areas of research conducted by the IIM:
  • ‘Mussel farm’ (Aquaculture)
  • ‘Adventurous mytillus’ (Oceanography)
  • ‘CSI fish’ (Sea food control)
  • ‘What is that fish?’ (Fisheries)

Logo of the Institute of Marine Research - IIM
Logo of National Council for Scientific Research - CSIC

In the late afternoon, six well-known local personalities (a journalist, a business person, an actor, a researcher, and a teacher) will exchange their views about the social and cultural dimension of science. Public and regional media will be invited to follow this unique debate.

During the event all participants will be encouraged to contribute to a collective mural (‘See the sea’), under the supervision of a local artist. The mural will serve as a more lasting reminder of the day’s celebration.

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