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Researchers in Europe
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European Researchers’ Night

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Oslo, Askim, Tønsberg, Agder, Stavanger, Bergen, Gløshaugen, Tromsø
23 September 2005
Organised by: Norwegian universities and science institutions.

The Norwegian Researchers’ Night is organised in the framework of the National Science Week, ‘Forskningsdagene’, which is held every year with the aim of fostering interaction between the scientific community and the public at large. This year’s edition includes more than 200 special events as part of the European Researchers’ Night, the International Year of Physics and Norway’s centennial as an independent nation – after peaceful dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905. The Researchers’ Night will coincide with the official launching of the Week all over Norway.

Science Fair – Oslo, 09.00-21.00

View of the science fair in Oslo
Go on a journey through time in Norwegian research from 1905 to 2005, take part in a science café on physics, and experience science through a multitude of experiments and demonstrations that will be organised on more than 50 stands at the Universitetsplassen, Karl Johan.

Becoming Albert Einstein’, a theatre play about the life and political influence of Albert Einstein written by Prof Robert Marc Friedman of Oslo University, will be performed at Gamle festsal, Karl Johan at 19.00.

‘Barfotjenta’- Askim, 18.00-20.30

A Swedish inmigrant women 100 years ago

This Swedish-Norwegian musical drama from 1905 is about Swedish female immigrants coming to Norway for work. History, socio-cultural aspects and traditional music are important parts of the play. Organised by the Oppegård municipality, the play will be staged at the Askim Kulturhus.




‘En vanvittig aften’ (‘A crazy night’) – Tønsberg, 20.00

A ‘crazy night’ with live music and speeches on research in fictional literature and young people, gender issues, and pornography in the Nordic countries will take place at Brygga restaurant in Tønsberg. The event is organised by Verstfold University College.

Stand-up scientists at Sørlandet Art Museum – Agder, 19.00-24.00

An art exhibition by Leonard Rickhard and stand-up scientists will mark the opening of the Science Week in Agder. The event is organised by Agder University College and will include the following lectures:

  • ‘The greatest moment in the history of science!’, by Prof Leiv Storesletten (Agder University College)
  • ‘Ixodidae tick – the scourge of Southern Norway?’, by Chief Physician Unn Ljøstad, (Sørlandet Sykehus HF)

Astronomic night – Stavanger, 20.00-23.00

Seven different events with focus on astronomy and physics will take place in Stavanger, including speeches by Erik Tandberg, Øvind Grønn, Helge Sørheim, Henning Knutsen, Per A Amundsen, and Eric Andre Jensen. Some sections of the city centre will be blacked out in order to allow better observation of stars.

A late-night walk at the aquarium – Bergen, 18.00-23.00

An alligator

When all the visitors leave the Bergen Aquarium at night and the lights are turned off some scary-looking fish come to life. On 23 September, late-night visitors will have the opportunity to see fish that only the night attendants and scientists have seen before.

Who stole Countess Sara’s jewels? – Gløshaugen, 19.30-24.00

Advertisement for the event entitled ‘Countess Sara’s Jewels’ in Gloshaugen

The use of DNA-analysis will help you solve the crime story. Activities such as lab-work, testing, fire-works, wacky lectures and tours will be organised by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for upper secondary students at Realfagbygget, Gløshaugen.





Tromsø, 20.00-23.15

Organised by the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine, the Northern Norwegian Science Centre, and the University of Tromsø, the Researchers’ Night in Tromsø will include popular scientific lectures and the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments at the Studenthuset driv, Sdr. Tollbodgate 3B:

  • 20.00-20.45: Experiment-club (max. 30 participants)
  • 21.00-21.30: Lecture ‘Good reasons to get married, and good reasons not to get married’.
  • 21.35-21.55: ‘Tele-medicine in the Northern Arctic’
  • 22.00-22.20: Space, beer and brass music
  • 22.30-23.25: Experiment-club (max. 30 participants)
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