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European Researchers’ Night – Seminar ‘Will tomorrow’s energy come from the stars?’

Villa Monastero in front of the lake Como


Varenna, Villa Monastero, Via Polvani 1
23 September 2005, 21.00
Organised by: the Piero Caldirola International Centre for the Promotion of Science, in co-operation with the Municipality of Varenna and the Lecco Province.
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La fusione termonucleare controllata: il futuro dell'energia viene dalle stelle? (‘Controlled nuclear fusion – Will tomorrow’s energy come from the stars?’) is the title of the seminar that will take place on 23 September at Villa Monastero (Varenna).

The seminar, conducted by Dr Maurizio Lontano, researcher at the Italian Research Council, will present the energy options of the future, with a particular focus on the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER). Scheduled to be built in Cadarache (France) by 2016, ITER will help the scientific community take a decisive step towards developing a new sustainable energy source: nuclear fusion.

The seminar is open to the public, who will have the opportunity to participate in an open debate at the end of the presentation.

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